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Below are some resources you may find helpful as you study Irish. We'll be adding more items in coming months, so check back regularly!

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Synthetic Verb Endings


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Na Déartháireacha (Mayo Irish)

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Mac Dathó's Pig


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Dia dhuit -- God with you (Hello).
Dia 's Muire dhuit -- God and Mary to you (Hello).
Dia dhaoibh -- God to ye (Hello).
Dia 's Muire dhaoibh -- God and Mary to ye (Hello).

Maidin mhaith -- Good morning.
Oíche mhaith -- Good night.

Cé n chaoi a bhfuil tú ? -- How are you?

Tá mé tuirseach -- I am tired.
Tá mé go maith -- I am well.
Tá mé tinn -- I am ill.
Tá mé go dona -- I am bad.

Tá tinneas cinn orm -- There is a headache on me.
Tá ocras orm -- There is a hunger on me.
Tá brón orm -- There is sorrow on me.
Tá aiféala orm -- There is regret on me.
Tá tart orm -- There is a thirst on me.

Go raibh maith agat -- Thank you.
Tá fáilte romhat -- You're welcome.
Gabh mo leithscéal -- Excuse me.
Más é do thoil é -- Please.
Dia linn -- God bless ye.

An dtuigeann tú ? -- Do you understand?
Tuigim -- I understand.
Ní thuigim -- I don't understand.
Ní thuigeann sé -- He doesn't understand.

An bhfuil a fhios agat? -- Do you know?
Tá a fhios agam -- I know.
Níl a fhios agam -- I don't know.

Ní thuigim, abair arís é, mas é do thoil é -- I don't understand, say it again, please.

Abair go mall é, mas é do thoil é -- Say it slowly, please.

Abair níos moille é, mas é do thoil é -- Say it slower, please.

Buíochas le Dia -- Thank God